Air Quality Testing Savannah GA

Air Quality Testing

Indoor air quality issues can arise due to mold from water damage, poor ventilation, or exposure to contaminants.

Indoor air quality, also called “indoor environmental quality”, describes how inside air can affect a person’s health, comfort, and ability to work.

Green Renewables investigates air quality problems such as mold, VOCs, allergens, dampness, poor ventilation and sick building syndrome, and develop a scope of work to control and eliminate indoor air quality issues at their source.

Once remediated, Green Renewables will provide third-party verification to confirm IAQ problems have been properly resolved.

Our Certified Indoor Air Quality Assessment includes:

  • Inspection – Exterior, Interior, Attic, Crawlspace
  • Moisture/Air Quality Testing
  • Ventilation Analysis per ASHRAE 62.2 Standard
  • Blower Door Tightness Test
  • Thermographic Infrared/IR Scan


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