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A comprehensive energy audit is a systematic, whole-house approach to diagnosing where/why/how a building consumes energy.

Using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and in-depth energy modeling, a technician measures and quantifies efficiency and identifies comprehensive solutions with a high return on investment to improve comfort, safety, indoor air quality, durability, and energy efficiency.

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Green Renewables displayed a great deal of knowledge over energy conservation and we are confident that they can help other homeowners in reducing their utility bills.

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Exterior and Crawl Space Inspection

Following the interview and Q&A with the homeowner, we walk around the perimeter of the home and perform a thorough exterior inspection. Moisture and building durability issues, such as poor drainage, are identified, windows and doors are examined for fit and seal, and areas of potential air infiltration which can cause undesired air leakage into you home are documented.

A thorough inspection of the crawlspace (if present) is performed focusing on moisture control, air infiltration, insulation, condition of duct work/forced air system, and indoor occupant health hazards.

A visual inspection of all outdoor HVAC equipment (AC compressor/condensor, filter/drier, refrigerant lines) is performed to ensure the equipment is operating at peak efficiency.

Interior Inspection

Following the exterior inspection, a thorough interior inspection from the attic to basement is performed.

We inspect and document:

  • Insulation levels in walls, floors, and ceiling

  • Points of air infiltration in the building shell

  • Lighting, water conservation, and appliance upgrade opportunities

  • Moisture and potential indoor air quality issues, such as mold, hidden behind walls

Thermal IR Inspection and Blower Door Tightness Test

Following the CAZ testing, a thermal IR inspection is performed to locate hidden air leaks, insulation deficiencies, and moisture issues that might be occurring behind walls unseen by the naked eye

In conjunction with the thermal IR inspection, a blower door tightness test is performed to measure and quantify the tightness of the building.

For homes with excessive leaks, ventilation could provide fresh air, but conditioned air is lost and energy costs increase.

For homes that are too tight, excess moisture can accumulate in the home, causing indoor air quality issues such as mold, musty smells, and respiratory illnesses.

As part of our verification process, following any air sealing measures we will perform a 2nd additional blower door test to quantify the improvement in building tightness and recommend options for mechanical ventilation if necessary.

Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) Test

For health and safety, we perform a Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) test for homes with combusion appliances (natural gas and/or oil)

CAZ testing involves inspection of all combustion appliances such as gas/oil furnaces, water heaters, and appliances with a focus on safety, ventilation, and efficiency.

Some of the major diagnostic equipment used during CAZ is:

  • Gas Leak Detector

  • Combustion Gas Analyzer

  • Manometer

  • Carbon Monoxide Meter

Our primary concern is maintaining a safe indoor environment and ensuring that all equipment is operating at peak efficiency.




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